Your Veterinary website is now where people open their relationship with you. Because of this, your website’s design is crucial. You’re about to learn 3 simple rules that will make your veterinary website wonderfully effective!



The job of your veterinary website is to turn a website visitor into a clinic visitor. Here’s the trick: people are lazy. We typically follow a path of least resistance. That’s why it’s so hard to get us to do something new! What your website needs to do is to make it seem as though taking a step forward (a phone call or appointment request) is just about as easy as taking a step back (the back button is the most used button on the keyboard!). Draw their attention to the appointment request, and make the process of completion extremely simple. For example: with an appointment request, only ask for what is absolutely essential – name, phone number, and maybe time of day to call back. Every extra line you ask them to fill out is another chance for them to reconsider!

Rule #2: We’re engaged by pictures, not text!


One of the largest mistakes veterinary clinics make on their website is they try to tell the visitor every single thing they’d like them to know right away! We understand the desire, but it’s just not effective. The fact is we find bold pictures to be much more engaging than we do a wall of text -we’re just designed to process imagery. In fact, we process images 60,000 times faster than we process text; it’s no wonder our brains prefer it! Use pictures to introduce your veterinary practice and tell your story. They should be the focal point of the website, and they should be many places! And not just any pictures – you want pictures that remind us of our love for our own pets!

Rule #3: We trust you if our community trusts you


In order to want to open a relationship with you, we need to trust you. One of the best ways to do this is to scatter different reviews of enthusiastic clients throughout the website. That way, when we’re scrolling through your website, we’re getting the impression that the community is raving about how much they love and trust you. Doing this well is extremely powerful.