Pet owners use reviews to select veterinary practices. Google uses reviews to rank veterinarians. And every practice stresses out about negative reviews.

Here’s a way to fix all that.

$129 Monthly

White-Glove Management

Our team of veterinary PR experts monitors for new reviews and responds to each one – positive or negative.

A Stress-Free Process

Never worry about reviews – we’ll escalate to you by phone if there’s a situation you need to be aware of.

The “We Made a Difference” PDF

Every month, we’ll send you a well put together PDF highlighting the wonderful things people said about you. Share with your team, and show them the difference they made.

How it Works

Our software monitors your Google, Yelp and Facebook pages for new reviews. Once a new review comes in, we respond to it. If it’s a positive review, we thank the reviewer and send our well-wishes from your practice. If it’s a negative review, we’ll respond with gold-standard best-practices on how to show empathy, diffuse the situation, and will then bring to your attention if it needs to be. We will work out an escalation process with your preferred point of contact in case a phone call needs to take place to repair a relationship. You never have to think about watching out for reviews again – the experts have you covered!

Want the 3 minute video on expertly handling negative reviews?

We Made a Difference

“Those who have a why can bear almost any how.”

Just because you no longer need to monitor for new reviews doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel the impact that you made in the lives of people who reviewed you. Our team curates all the wonderful reviews that clients have written for you for that month and creates a PDF with those words for you to share with your entire team. Seeing and feeling the difference that the team has made in those lives is invigorating, inspiring, and healthy. Working in a veterinary practice can be stressful. We’d like to help.