For a long time, the subject of marketing has been (at the very least) a faux pas in veterinary circles. The ethos is to focus on providing quality medical care; the business will take care of itself. While those who taught this idea no doubt had good intentions, the principle and reality of the matter are in direct conflict with your deepest values.

If you believe in what you do, this “culture” is a disservice to you. Your life’s calling is to care for as many animals as you can. But there are necessary conditions to helping more pets, namely the actions of the pet owner. Getting them to bring their pet to you is what this industry should be all about.

If you don’t trust internet marketing, it’s because you sense that computers are very good at automating mathematical tasks and sharing data, but are very bad at replicating the emotions that come from genuine human interaction. That’s important, as these are the very same emotions that are so crucial in helping us figure out who to trust.

Internet marketing must evolve. Sometimes when we discover an amazing new technology (like computers), we get carried away with what we can do instead of what we should do. We try to build something shinier, flashier and edgier rather than thinking fundamentally about why we’re doing what we’re doing!

Internet marketing should not be about computers. It must be about a deep understanding of why and how people start relationships.