A very long time ago, humans would sit around campfires and tell stories about the stars and their lives. Ever since, we have been creatures yearning for great stories. Storytelling bonds us together. Our brains are wired to be much more interested in narratives than facts. In this article, you’re going to learn how to design your veterinary website so that people forget that they’re even on a website in the first place.


Recall how you feel when experiencing your favorite book or movie. You’re totally absorbed. You may even forget that there are pages in front of you. Websites should be no different. Your website is your story. Your veterinary hospital needs to come to life through it. It is your opportunity to make us understand you. To connect with you. To trust you. To do this means to get right to the heart of what makes your veterinary hospital special. To let us connect with what makes you most proud of what you’ve built. And to do it in a compelling and intuitive way.

Your website’s home page is your introduction to your veterinary hospital’s story. A great beginning can have us hooked. Humans are very good at quickly discerning our first impression of something, and to do anything less than captivate us is a waste of an opportunity. In fact, based on scientific studies, we’ll know whether or not we want to stay on your website after 50 milliseconds. (source: http://googleresearch.blogspot.in/2012/08/users-love-simple-and-familiar-designs.html)

Bold and emotional photographic backgrounds are fantastic at engaging our attention. Let’s illustrate: We’re going to use splash.org as a teaching example. Splash is a wonderful charity that provides safe drinking water to children around the globe.


Source: splash.org

Notice what this website does. More accurately, notice what you think and feel when you look at it. Your attention goes directly to the child looking right at you. You might find yourself feeling compassion for her plight. Meaning is being created in you. You’re peering into the deeper “why” of splash.org’s existence. You’re engaging with the story.

Next, you may notice the text in the middle of the picture, alerting you to the fact that there are currently millions of children without safe drinking water. The implication is that lives of children just like the one peering at you are at stake right now. Observe that in this introduction the organization is not once mentioning what they do, but is illustrating why they do it.


As you scroll down, only now do you discover the details of Splash’s mission and organization. Reflect as to what you’ve seen so far: Why the cause is important, how they affect change, and finally what it is that they’ve accomplished. The story is methodically crafted to emotionally connect with you and inspire you to take action.

Take some time and go through their website. Everything that you see has a purpose. Nothing is decorative. It’s simple, profound, captivating and emotional. This is what great design is about. It’s not about being flashy. It’s about telling a story in a way that connects with us. In a way that inspires us to take action. When you tell a story right the extraneous disappears. You’re absorbed in the narrative. That’s why great website design is invisible.