With Facebook your veterinary clinic has an unprecedented reach into your clients’ peer networks. Your goal is to get as many of their pet owning friends thinking about your animal hospital as possible. This is a powerful opportunity if your methods are thoughtful and strategic.

influence ripples

When a follower likes, comments on or shares your post, it spreads to their peer network. 

You only have a fraction of a second to engage most of your audience. Our attention span on social media is very small. We process images much faster than we do text (about 60,000 times faster), which is why image-centric posts get much more engagement than text based posts.

The most successful posts emotionally resonate with their audience. When people like, comment or share, they’re in essence saying that your words stand for their beliefs and feelings.

The best advice we can give you here is to ask yourself what values your audience shares. They’re likely going to be related to a love of pets. Your posts should tap into these values. For example: We all appreciate the unconditional love our dogs give us. A photo that captures their excitement when we get home from work, along with a clever tag-line would probably work very well!

Be genuine. We’re bound together by our love of animals. Share that in clever ways, and your brand will grow in ways you never thought imaginable.