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Diversity Why it matters Why it matters
We, as an industry, have a problem... pet owners often turn to facebook groups, instagram influencers, and young retail workers at pet food shops for important guidance in their pet's health, nutrition, and well-being. We need a way for veterinarians to provide consistent and trusted guidance to their community outside the exam room walls... Enter the power of content marketing.

Our team of award-winning animal health writers craft custom written blog posts based on the health, nutrition, behavioral, and well-being topics that you want your community to be better educated about. We then market these articles to your community on Facebook to ensure that you are educating and empowering local pet owners. This builds new relationships, drives more traffic to your site, improves compliance activities, and helps pets live longer, happier lives.
Diversity How it Works
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The first step is to establish a content calendar. We’ll coordinate a call with you to discuss the topics that you most want your community to be educated about. After the call, we’ll shoot you a proposed calendar, and if all looks good, will begin drafting the first blog post. We send you these posts in advance of publication for your review to make sure that it is completely consistent with your approach and wishes. Once we get the green light, we publish the blog on your website and market it on Facebook to your local community of pet owners. Over time, this builds SEO, attracts more local pet owners to your voice, and establishes you as the local expert on anything pet related. Just as you should be. Get Examples of Our Work