Making your Veterinary Website Mobile-Friendly

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It’s highly likely that more than half of the user traffic on your veterinary website comes through a smartphone. Mobile usage is exploding, and with it comes a unique opportunity to drive more business to your animal hospital. In this article, you’ll learn about the basic principles of good mobile design, along with actionable tips [...]

Veterinary SEO – The common mistake

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Most veterinarians understand that their search engine visibility is intimately tied with the amount of traffic on their website. However, the internet marketing industry has done a very poor job educating veterinarians as to what SEO really is. SEO has become more of a buzzword than a scientifically explored topic. Because of this, there’s an [...]

Great Website Design is Invisible

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A very long time ago, humans would sit around campfires and tell stories about the stars and their lives. Ever since, we have been creatures yearning for great stories. Storytelling bonds us together. Our brains are wired to be much more interested in narratives than facts. In this article, you're going to learn how to design your veterinary [...]

Anti Internet Marketing

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“Anti” is a divisive word. We mean it to be. Internet Marketing is in something of a dark age: superstitions and buzzwords are more popular than science. Almost everything about the way the status quo approaches their business should change. Our industry's purpose should be to help you help more pets and grow your clinic. When [...]

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