Most veterinary practice websites look the same, with similar functionality and largely the same voice. But, veterinary practices are not all the same, and your website should reflect what makes you and your team unique. At Digital Empathy, we understand that a truly effective website will answer the client question, “Can I trust you?” We’ve developed a totally different design process that ensures we answer that question and capture your practice’s true culture and individuality. Here are the steps in our design journey.

#1: The strategy call

When you reach out to us, our first step is a strategy call to discuss your overall vision and marketing needs. We’ll ask questions and discuss products, and then set up one-on-one meetings with our team members with expertise in your areas of interest. We know each practice has different goals, and we’ll work with you to find the service combination that suits your needs.

#2: The onboarding process

Once we understand which services and strategies will best bring your practice to life onscreen, we assign a designer to work directly with you throughout the design process. Rather than the design team approach of other companies, we assign a single person as your contact point, which ensures accurate and fast changes and provides a more personalized experience.

#3: The discovery call

The magic happens here! During the discovery call, we’ll dive deeper to learn who you are, your practice model and mission, why you started your practice, and the client and patient types you want to attract. We want to find the heart and soul of your practice, and a few simple—but meaningful—questions can help us understand you. Whether you clearly understand how you stand out, or you aren’t sure what makes you special, we’ll dig deep to find the answer you might not even know is there. The discovery call will stir your deepest emotions, because we know you’ve poured your entire being into your veterinary practice, and we want that to shine through on your website.

#4: Creative and collaboration

After Discovery, we collaborate with you via a shared workspace to ensure all of your content is up to date and all of our ducks are in a row. This can range from staff biographies (and ideas on how to improve them), to domain registrar login information, and everything in between. Each week, your designer will check in by email with the next few items we need, and to discuss our progress. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. 

#5: The website unveiling 

This is the best part—for our team and yours! Once we have everything we need and our design team has worked their magic, we’ll set up the “unveil” for you and any team members you’d like present. You will see how we bring all your hard work and your story to life, truly embodying what you’ve worked for and the image you want to project. We won’t lie—the unveil will give you all the feels, so don’t be surprised if you or your team members are overcome with emotion. 

#6: Website revisions

After the unveiling, you are given as much time as you’d like to request any changes you would like to see, or run any ideas you might have by our expert team—we take time to ensure you genuinely love your site before its official launch. Our websites use WordPress, which allows for “cleaner” code—translating to smoother operation, fewer glitches, and easier changes than other platforms.

#7: The website launch

Once the website is perfect, we’ll go live with the official launch. Our team works hard to optimize the site—visually and functionally—on multiple browsers and devices after the launch. We provide ongoing support, and we encourage you to contact us to update your site any time you add a new service, team member, or anything exciting and new. 

Why we operate differently

We know you have many choices and options for your website design, but our company is fundamentally different. Veterinary practices face the growing problem of clients viewing them as a commodity rather than people, and cookie-cutter websites perpetuate this image. Our goal is to create a website that tells your story, gets people excited about your proudest moments, and attracts clients who are looking for a deeper connection with their veterinary team. We design websites with soul—a crucial element that builds trust and sets you apart from the rest. Trust us, you will feel it when you see it!

We are proud to be changing the veterinary marketing landscape and creating products that will fuel your unique success. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or contact the Digital Empathy team to schedule your kick-off call and take the first step to a brighter future.