About Robert Sanchez

I'm the CEO of Digital Empathy. I feel incredibly lucky that my days are spent working with my heroes - veterinarians. I believe scientific thinking, relentless innovation and compassion can solve many problems.

What the best veterinary websites do differently

Your website has an enormous job to do: generate as many new client relationships as possible. Because online search is now the primary way that people find veterinarians (and other local businesses), making your website more effective is a tremendous opportunity to help your practice flourish. In this article, you will learn exactly what it [...]

How to measure your veterinary website’s performance

You shouldn’t mind being wrong. What you should mind is being wrong and not having a way to find out. Your website’s performance is one of the most important factors for your veterinary practice’s ability to attract new clients. Fortunately for you, digital marketing is inherently rich in data. In this article, you will learn [...]

3 Easy SEO tips for Veterinarians

Your digital marketing strategy should be judged by how effective it is in driving real business growth. Primarily, there are two steps to doing this: drive more traffic to your website, and convert more website visits into client visits. Today, we’re going to talk about SEO (option 1). In this article, you’re going to learn [...]

Improving your Veterinary Website’s Bounce Rate

A “bounce” occurs when a user leaves your website without taking an action – such as clicking on another page or an appointment request. High bounce rates mean poor conversion rates and steep SEO penalties. In this article, you’ll learn what makes a user bounce, what a good “bounce rate” is (we’ll teach you how [...]

What makes a veterinary practice grow?

Many veterinarians become frustrated about a stagnating practice - especially when they pour their heart and soul into being the best veterinarian they can be. But while providing great veterinary care is the most important thing you can do for animals inside your hospital, it is simply not the greatest predictor of business growth. The [...]

3 things your Veterinary Website needs!

Relationships now begin online – meaning your veterinary website is one of the most important marketing opportunities that your practice has. What matters is that you have an effective, smart and well executed digital strategy. In this article we are going to help you lay the foundation of that digital strategy; we are going to [...]

How much should a veterinary website cost?

A veterinary website is a tool for the business – and like all business tools it should be evaluated primarily for its return on investment. In this article, we are going to guide you through the process of determining expected costs for your veterinary website’s development, and will give you important questions to ask any [...]

What most veterinary website companies don’t get

In our line of work, we look at a lot of veterinary websites. A lot. And when you look at so many veterinary websites, certain patterns begin to emerge that are important to understand. We have discovered that the most important mistake that the veterinary website companies routinely make (and thus, their veterinary clients too) [...]

Making your Veterinary Website Mobile-Friendly

It’s highly likely that more than half of the user traffic on your veterinary website comes through a smartphone. Mobile usage is exploding, and with it comes a unique opportunity to drive more business to your animal hospital. In this article, you’ll learn about the basic principles of good mobile design, along with actionable tips [...]

What a user wants from your Veterinary Website

The most important ability in web design is thinking from the user’s perspective. Your veterinary website will be most successful at converting users into actual hospital visitors when you’re able to be sensitive to these needs and to build an environment that best satisfies them. In this article, you’re going to learn exactly what those [...]

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