“Anti” is a divisive word. We mean it to be. Internet Marketing is in something of a dark age: superstitions and buzzwords are more popular than science. Almost everything about the way the status quo approaches their business should change.

Our industry’s purpose should be to help you help more pets and grow your clinic. When we reflect on this, we find that it’s not the website itself that matters, but the response it creates in a person. The question that must be asked is: how do we engineer responses? To succeed, we must deeply understand human behavior.


Whether or not we pursue (or continue) a relationship depends on one fact: do we trust you?

When we’re searching for a veterinarian (online or otherwise), we’re not looking for a person. We’re looking for a feeling. Only after we feel trust are we comfortable with action. Building this feeling and transitioning motivation to action is what website design should be all about.

Trust really is a feeling, not a logical calculation. Reflect on your own experiences – if trust is absent, you feel something in the pit of your stomach that compels you to stay away. This principle guides our behavior in almost every interaction with a person or an object that we have.

It’s hard for us to exaggerate how exciting this idea is. It represents a fundamental change in approach to web design and marketing online. Our behavior is rapidly moving online, which means the value in fixing this problem is enormous. Only once this happens will we truly unlock the promise of the internet.

Once we do… oh my.