A Match Made in Heaven

A partnership between AAHA and Digital Empathy is the rare event that simultaneously addresses an organization’s important challenge and fulfills a core component of its central mission. AAHA is pushing the veterinary industry towards a brighter future through standardizing and accrediting excellence. However, marketing within the veterinary industry has lacked innovation and remained stagnant at a time where a digital strategy is the central component of the modern customer journey. Limited attention has been paid to branding, messaging, and storytelling; hallmarks of a mature digital marketing strategy.

This has led to two important consequences…


AAHA, in part, relies on practices to market the value of AAHA accreditation to pet owners. However, we have rarely seen this effectively done on veterinary websites; very few websites have messaging and pages devoted to marketing the value of the accreditation. This is a significant missed opportunity, as the website should expertly speak to the inherent trust involved in an AAHA accreditation.

For Vets

AAHA practices are truly a cut above. But from their websites, you wouldn’t know it. Marketers do not take the time to understand the uniqueness of each practice and bring a story to life in a way that resonates more deeply than on other sites. Websites are typically generic with punch-less messaging. Consequently, the practice can’t poke through the noise, differentiate by what makes them special, and attract the right kind of clients.